Alex Andreev lives in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation.
He's been drawing, painting and doing graphic design over last 20 years.
He works as art-director in advertising agency and as senior concept artist for movie and game production.

Born in 1972, Russia

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UGALLERY (San Francisco, New York)


1994, Novgorod State University,
Bachelor of Architecture And Design


1993, Personal Exhibition, Novgorod State University,
Veliky Novgorod
1993, ‘Black And White Dreams’ personal exhibition,
Novgorod State University, Veliky Novgorod
2002 , ‘Artist’s Head: Sectional View’ personal exhibition,
Valencia Gallery, St. Petersburg

Group Exhibitions
1994, MONOLOGUES, Novgorod State University,
Veliky Novgorod
2001, "St. Petersburg-2001" St. Petersburg
2011, SUPPORT JAPAN, Vaad Gallery,London
2011, OFFTOP, Erarta Contemporary Art Center, St. Petersburg


2001, CompuArt, Russia
2009, CG Magazine, China
2009, Photoshop Magazine, Turkey
2009-2011, 2D Artist Magazine, UK
2010, Inspire Me, Ukraine
2010, Wired magazine (italian version)
2011, интервью и обложка для Advanced Creation Photoshop Magazine, France
2011, Page Magazine, Germany
2011, Advanced Photoshop Magazine, UK
2011, Creative Fluff Magazine, US
2012, Tribe Magazine, UK
2012, Art Joker, Ukraine
2012, DONTPOSTME (russian edition)
2012, Mir Fantastiki, Russia
2012, ARTNOIS Magazine, US
2012, Colossal, US
2012, EMPTY KINGDOM Magazine, US, UK


Private collections both in Russia and abroad

Teaching activity

1993-95, Lecturer, Composition basics, academic drawing. Novgorod State University, Veliky Novgorod
2000-2001, Guest Lecturer, graphic design basics, Adobe Photoshop practical course, St. Petersburg State

University for Culture and Arts, St. Petersburg