Artbook 'Movement of the Worlds'

Artbook with Augmented Reality. 5 writers wrote stories for each art.

Animated film "Koo! Kin-Dza-Dza"

2006-2012 Animated film "Koo! Kin-Dza-Dza" (senior concept artist), the winner of the Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2013 (best animated film)

“The Roadside Picnic”

2017 “The Roadside Picnic”, TV series based on the novel of the Strugatsky brothers, Sony Pictures, film director Alan Taylor (Concept Artist)

Key visual for Cirque Éloize

Cirque Éloize will use it as a promo for their new "Monaco" show which will open the European tour. The show will start from France where advertising campaign have already been started and then will tour major European cities during 2015-2016.

Density of Emptiness

Art project with Augmented Reality. Exibition of paintings where no paintings. The picture appears when you point your phone to the label.

404 project

Art project with Augmented Reality. We have replaced paintings by famous artists in the State Hermitage with art by contemporary digital painters


Alexey Andreev (b. 1972) is a Russian artist, lives and works in Saint-Petersburg.


1993, Personal Exhibition, Novgorod State University, Veliky Novgorod
1993, “Black And White Dreams” personal exhibition, Novgorod State University, Veliky Novgorod
2002, “Artist’s Head: Sectional View” personal exhibition, Valencia Gallery, St. Petersburg
2014, Personal Exhibition, Center of Contemporary Arts, Veliky Novgorod, Russia
2014, “A Separate Reality”, Personal Exhibition, Art gallery, Chudovo, Russia
2014, “A Separate Reality”, Personal Exhibition, Kino Iluzion, Warsaw, Poland
2015, “Generator Of The Universes”, Creative cluster “ArtMuza” (with Igor Ivanov), St. Petersburg, Russia
2015, “A Separate Reality”, Personal Exhibition, Ausländerrat Dresden e.V., Drezden, Germany
2015, “Metronomicon”, Erarta Contemporary Art Center, St. Petersburg, Russia
2015, Positive Hack Days 2015, Moscow, Russia
2015, “A Separate Reality”, Personal Exhibition, Sevastopol, Russia
2016, Positive Hack Days 2016, Moscow, Russia
2017, Positive Hack Days 2017, Moscow, Russia
2017, AAD 2017, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2017, “A Separate Reality”, Personal Exhibition, Niebo Kopernika, Warsaw, Poland
2017, Games of Mind, St. Petersburg, Russia
2017, London Moll, St. Petersburg, Russia
2017, HR-tech conference, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
2018, Erarta Contemporary Art Center, St. Petersburg, Russia
2018, AAD 2018, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Group Exhibitions
1994, MONOLOGUES, Novgorod State University, Veliky Novgorod, Russia
2001, “St. Petersburg-2001” St. Petersburg, Russia
2011, “Support Japan”, Vaad Gallery, London, UK
2011, “Offtop”, Erarta Contemporary Art Center, St. Petersburg, Russia
2013, Group Exhibition, Gauntlet Gallery, San-Francisco, USA
2013, “Think Ahead” group exhibition, Museum Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
2014, “Shumotron”, Erarta Contemporary Art Center, St. Petersburg, Russia
2014, “UP”, Athens, Greece
2016, “Digital Dreams”, Art-Bank, St. Petersburg, Russia
2017, “SF in everyday life”, Erarta Contemporary Art Center, St. Petersburg, Russia
2017-18, “Actual Russia” — 2017, Moscow, Russia


2001, CompuArt, Russia
2009, CG Magazine, China
2009, Photoshop Magazine, Turkey
2009-2011, 2D Artist Magazine, UK
2010, Inspire Me, Ukraine
2010, Wired magazine (Italian version)
2011, interview and cover art for Advanced Creation Photoshop Magazine, France
2011, Page Magazine, Germany
2011, Advanced Photoshop Magazine, UK
2011, Creative Fluff Magazine, US
2012, Tribe Magazine, UK
2012, Art Joker, Ukraine
2012, DONTPOSTME (Russian edition)
2012, Mir Fantastiki, Russia
2012, ARTNOIS Magazine, US
2012, Colossal, US
2012, EMPTY KINGDOM Magazine, US, UK
2016, RENDER.RU, Russia
2016, Magic CG, Russia

Private collections both in Russia and abroad

Teaching activity

1993-95, Lecturer, Composition basics, academic drawing. Novgorod State University, Veliky Novgorod
2000-2001, Guest Lecturer, graphic design basics, Adobe Photoshop practical course, St. Petersburg State University for Culture and Arts, St. Petersburg


... the nagual Elias went to his dreaming journeys the way a wild animal prowls for food... visited, let’s say, the junkyard of infinity... and copied whatever he saw, but never knew what those things were used for, or their source“.
These Carlos Castaneda’s words from his “Power Of Silence” are the closest description of my perception of creation process. Never did I — and never will — take the creation as a product of man’s intellect. Instead I take it as activity aiming to fix certain states of comprehension I experienced in my childhood, in my dreams, etc. David Lynch would define this as the journey of the intuition.
I never discuss how this mechanism works — I am inclined neither to mysticism nor to intellectual speculations. However human brain is the most complex thing ever created in the Universe, and our conscious awareness is only a thin film in the ocean of unconsciousness. Everything is possible in this ocean. I work and I get back to those states of comprehension, to my childhood memories, to my dreams. I experience them again and again. This is my only motivation to do what I do.

It sounds paradoxical but digital art attracts me because it is free of technological influence. While in traditional arts technologies dramatically limit the artist — his ability to stylize works in graphics or extremely time consuming process of paint drying, in digital painting I sit in front of a screen, grab the stylus and see the result immediately.
Another advantage I find in digital arts is the absence of such sensitive for many definition as “original”. The pixels can only be shown as artist wanted them to be shown, the parameters of each pixel are identical on any screen. Why do I find it great? Because traditional visual art have long ago lost it’s purity. It is overfetished, so to speak. Canvas and stretcher now mean a lot more then real art and its beauty. This created the overwhelming wish to possess the originals and readiness to pay huge amounts of money.
Contrary, my high definition works are not at all expensive. Thanks to moderate pricing in the form of prints they open so many doors. Thanks to their digital origin people are not distracted with things not connected to art...